Life is a Journey – Not a Destination


This is one of my favorite quotes – especially with the year I’ve had!

This year I:

  • started running again
  • walked and ran over 800 miles
  • met Billy Boyd (highlight of the year!!)
  • got promoted at work
  • bought a new car
  • made lots of new friends
  • ran four virtual races in the last couple months
  • visited Orlando, FL/Hogwarts for the second time
  • met RaeLynn 🙂
  • saw Panic! at the Disco live
  • got my Tolkien monogram tattoo
  • lost 25lbs
  • saw Kelsea Ballerini live
  • went blonde

I’ve never ended a year so proud of everything I accomplished! I stepped outside of my own comfort zones, broke through barriers and goals, and met a couple of my heroes!

How was your 2016? What extraordinary things did you accomplish?


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