California Dreamin’

Hey y’all! How’s 2017 treating you so far? At the moment I’m still working on training for my very first half marathon in SoCal! I’ve never been to California before and I’m so excited to see it for the first time (and also to get out of the ridiculous cold in Wisconsin!) I’m just hoping it’s sunny while I’m there – I’ve heard they’ve been getting a lot of rain right now.

I’m also really excited to channel my inner beach-babe. I’ve never been drawn to the cool, laid back Cali beach style before but lately I’m craving that look! There’s just something so effortless about it, and I love that vibe.


So I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to pack, and I’m stealing Ashley’s idea and creating a board of inspiration to keep me on track. This is just a little taste of my board but there’s definitely a few common trends:

  • white and black
  • denim/chambray
  • sand shoes
  • leggings and baseball caps
  • big sunnies
  • defined brows
  • bold lipstick
  • beachy waves
  • athleisure look
  •  minimal eye makeup


I just bought the most perfect white and black dress for Cali and I’m so excited to rock it with my grey Nike sand shoes, or some casual sandals. It’s just such a great, versatile piece.

I definitely want to do a “what’s in my suitcase” post before I go, but until then if any of you have any Cali suggestions hit me up! I’d love to hear them. ♡


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