Florals and Snow + My Favorite Spring Trend


Not sure why these photos turned out so grainy, but I really loved this outfit!

Even though Wisconsin got slammed with a lot of snow last week, I’m already dressing for spring. That’s one of the occupational hazards of retail (well, that and really nasty paper cuts. Ouch!)

Bralettes are definitely one of my favorite trends for spring. As a bustier girl I know the struggle of hiding my bra. Ugh! It’s such a pain. And as a bustier girl it’s not easy to find a bralette that’s supportive enough to feel comfortable in, but once you find one it’s a dream come true! Tank slipping down a bit? NO problem, you get to show off your bralette! Spaghetti strap tank not hiding your bra? That’s perfect because bralettes are meant to be seen! See how convenient that is?

I’m really eager to be able to show off my bralettes in the light of day outside of the mall I work in. In just a few weeks I’m flying out to Tucson, Arizona for my BFF’s wedding and the dress I’m wearing has a really deep v in the front, and back, so I’m pairing it with this same, razor back, white lace bralette. It’s a really trendy, fun but still elegant look for a spring wedding and I’m really happy with it. I”m also super psyched to see my friend again, and Arizona for the first time. I need some more sunshine and palm trees in my life right now!

What’s your favorite trend for spring? Comment and let me know!


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