Kate is Ainm Dom // What I Wore

image1{dress, vest and necklace :: Maurices // shoes :: Steve Madden // glasses :: Firmoo // bracelet :: Pandora}

Dia dhuit! Is mise Kate.

In Irish that means “Hello! I am Kate.” If there’s two things I’ve wanted to do since I was in high school it’s: learn Irish and go to Ireland – well, three, if you count “and have a conversation with an Irish native in Irish.” Continue reading “Kate is Ainm Dom // What I Wore”

Dear Future Husband

Dear future husband,
I remember writing letters to Santa Claus when I was a child (and the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy – what can I say? I had a lot of questions!). I remember that as I started to get older I started to feel like maybe they weren’t real. Maybe there was no one on the other end of my letters. I feel very much the same now.

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